ECPN Pedagogist Orientation

This course is for pedagogists working within the ECPN and is designed to support their orientation to the role.

Welcome to the ECPN Pedagogist Orientation

The Pedagogist Orientation is an emergent course that is shaped by pedagogists’ ongoing participation. The course content includes encounters (‘modules’) and virtual salons (‘lessons’) that pedagogists will move through both as a collective and individually. New encounters will be opened and virtual salons will be added as we engage in the orientation throughout the year. 

We encourage participants to interact with the Pedagogist Orientation as an emergent, fluid, lively virtual meeting place for our thinking and learning together. If you are new to this course, you will start with the encounter called “Beginnings” and it will be the only encounter available at first. Later you will have several encounters available to manoeuvre through.  

Course Content

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Course Includes

  • 14 Modules
  • 28 Lessons