The Foundations of Inclusive Child Care Training Part 1

This course is worth 12 hours of professional development credit.

This course is worth 12 Pro-D hours.

This course provides an overview of inclusive practices and implementation strategies for inclusion in child care settings. It is designed for child care providers, early childhood educators (ECEs), and other professionals in the child care sector.

This self-paced course will increase your awareness and understanding of inclusion and inclusive practices in child care settings. Inclusion is viewed as a broad and multi-dimensional concept which influences almost every aspect of a child care program. We know that when more children with support needs and disabilities are included in community child care, everyone benefits!

Foundations of Inclusive Child Care is divided into five main modules, each discussing a different element of inclusion. There is also an additional, optional sixth module which will guide you through a reflective problem-solving process to help you further integrate and implement inclusive practices in your program.

This self-guided course takes approximately 12 hours to complete, and includes video summaries and reflective questions. The training is grounded in self-reflection, which encourages you to make connections between the training materials and your current professional practice.

The purpose of the training is to:

  • Build a community of practice across BC where more and more child care providers have a foundational awareness and understanding of inclusive practices
  • Introduce learners to new tools and strategies related to inclusion
  • Improve the quality of child care for children of all abilities
  • Encourage self-reflection, engagement, and dialogue amongst child care providers, ECEs, and related professionals
  • Encourage collaboration and positive relationships between children, families, child care providers, and the community.


Completion of the course usually takes around 12 hours. 

As soon as you register for the course, you will be able to start the first Module which can be found on your Dashboard under ‘Courses’. Lessons must be completed in order.

Assignments are typically approved within two business days. Assignments can be submitted at anytime but will not be reviewed during the evenings, on weekends, or during holidays

Participants will receive a certificate for 12 hours upon completion of all online modules. Certificates will be automatically generated and should be downloaded and saved to your computer.

If you have questions about the course or difficulty accessing any of the course components, please use the contact form here.

  • All text throughout the training can be read with a screen reader
  • Each photo and all diagrams have embedded alt-text
  • All videos throughout the training include closed captions

The Foundations of Inclusive Child Care Training has been developed with Universal Design in mind. Throughout the course the information is represented in many forms in hopes of accommodating all learners. You will find the materials, in the form of text, audio, video and interactive activities.

If you are having technical issues during the course, please use this form to contact us.

Yes you can! You can find the group material in the course intro under ‘Facilitating this Course’.

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Course Includes

  • 6 Modules
  • 33 Lessons
  • Course Certificate